The main programming languages I use in my research are R, PHP, Javascript and SQL. I am also a competent MATLAB / Octave user. This page lists some useful tools that I have developed.

R Packages

R is my analysis software of choice and I have developed and maintain several packages.

frair is a package for functional response analysis in R, developed in collaboration with the Functional Response Research Group at Queen's University Belfast. In 2017 we published the results of this work.

takiwaR is a package to support monitoring work within the as part of the Ngāi Tahu State of the Takiwā monitoring programme.

dgmisc is a personal catch all / development package where maintained in collaboration with Gretchen Brownstein.

MATLAB Toolbox

I developed (but no longer maintain) a MATLAB toolbox during my tenure with the Marine Research Group in the School of Planning Architecture and Civil Engineering at Queen's University Belfast. Much of the code in the toolbox is my own, with contributions from others via GitHub.

Notepad ++ Syntax Highlighting for MIKE by DHI

I was once an experienced user of the MIKE by DHI software suite. I found that it was sometimes preferable to edit the PFS setup files outside of the MIKE GUI. If you find yourself doing this often, then you may find this MIKE PFS language definition file for Notepad++ useful.

Javascript Bookmarklets

Gaining access to full-text versions of manuscripts can sometimes be a bit cumbersome. The following bookmarklets attempt to address this (assuming you work at on the these institutions!)